Resources to help begin thinking about health care decisions that are important for you, and to have a conversation with your loved ones.

Advance Directive Cover Sheet

This cover sheet provides some basic information on how to complete an advance directive.

Advance Directive Forms for North Carolina

English Form

Spanish- Forma español

Korean- 한국어 양식

Russian- русский Форма

Making Your Documents Accessible via Mission Health

Many of us take the time to complete our advance directives, but do not ensure they are available when needed. Mission Health has implemented a new “Advance Directives–Permission Form” which allows you to submit your advance directives for electronic storage and retrieval by your medical providers across the Mission Health system, even if you have not been a patient at a Mission Health facility. This is important since no one knows when a sudden illness or accident might occur leaving them unable to speak for themselves during a medical event. This new form will allow all individuals with completed advance directives to have their documents available across the Mission Health system, regardless of which Mission facility they are receiving care in.

Click here to download the Advance Directives–Permission Form.

For more information, go to the Mission Health Advance Directives website or call 828-213-1111.

Conversation ProjectConversation Starter Kit Link

The Starter Kit will help you get your thoughts together and then have the conversation with your loved ones about what you or they want for end-of-life care.

Go Wish

Go Wish is a card game that assists individuals in speaking about their end-of-life wishes. From “The cards help you find words to talk about what is important if you were to be living a life that may be shortened by serious illness.”

You can play an online version of the game here.

MOST: Medical Order for Scope of Treatment Form

Some individuals may choose to further define their preferences for treatment beyond what is possible with a healthcare power of attorney or living will.  Based on the POLST Paradigm, the NC MOST form is a physician’s order and allows an individual to tailor their treatment wishes in more detail. The MOST must be signed by a medical provider (MD, DO, NP, PA) to be valid.

Your physician likely has MOST forms available in their office. If you are a provider and need to order MOST forms, you can do so here through the NC Department of Health Service Regulation.

If you work in healthcare and would like to learn more about how the MOST form is used in your setting, we recommend this series of webinars from the office of the National POLST Paradigm.